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Driver Information - Dawson Nunnenkamp

General Information
Class: Friesen Ford and Chevrolet Now600 A
Car Number: 2N
Hometown: Saronville, NE
Point Standing(s): 2020-  3rd place with 1040 points
2019-  14th place with 606 points
2020 Race Results:    
8/28/2020:2nd- Heat Race #2
 2nd- A Feature
8/21/2020:2nd- Heat Race #2
 3rd- A Feature
8/14/2020:7th- Heat Race #2
 3rd- A Feature
8/7/2020:9th- Heat Race #2
 18th- A Feature
7/31/2020:2nd- Heat Race #3
 1st- A Feature
7/24/2020:1st- Heat Race #1
 1st- A Feature
7/17/2020:3rd- Heat Race #1
7/10/2020:1st- Heat Race #3
 2nd- A Feature
6/26/2020:1st- Heat Race #2
 4th- A Feature
6/19/2020:2nd- Heat Race #2
 5th- A Feature
6/12/2020:7th- Heat Race #2
 17th- A Feature

2020Heat Race Wins: 3
A Feature Wins: 2

Average Heat Race Finish: 3
Average A Feature Finish: 6

2019Heat Race Wins: 0
A Feature Wins: 0

Average A Feature Finish: 5

OverallHeat Race Wins: 3
A Feature Wins: 2

Average A Feature Finish: 6

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